SQLite Class
This class makes connecting to an SQLite database, and creating / inserting / updating records simple and intuitive with minimal code and fuss.

Session Class
This class is used to manage and store sessions using a MySQL database. Updated code to reflect real-world usage.

Cache Class
Cache and deliver your content with lightning speed, and save your server the overhead of repeating itself over and over.

Sitemap Class
This php class allows you to easily create a sitemap that adheres to the standards set forth by Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

PHP Ease WordPress Child Theme
Built on the PHP Ease WordPress Theme Framework. This is a functional example of a child theme that should always be used when editing or customizing the original (parent) WordPress theme.

Pagination Class
The ultimate Pagination class. Easily deliver your content in bite-sized chunks.

Page Class - A Minimal PHP Framework
Allows you to easily manipulate every aspect of an HTML page while it is being created.

PHP Ease WordPress Theme Framework
A WordPress theme built on the Blueprint and YUI Grid Builder CSS Frameworks. It gives you unlimited layout options by completely separating a page's structure from it's content. This framework offers the cure for the common divitis.

WordPress Style Admin Bar
This code will create an admin bar just like the one you see at WordPress.com.

Email Link Obfuscator
This PHP function / jQuery plugin will create an obfuscated mailto link that will protect your email addresses from the spam bots that harvest the web.

Prettify Function using Google's Syntax Highlighter
Syntax Highlighting using google-code-prettify.

Ping Search Engines Function
This function can be used to ping search engines when your sitemap changes.

Latitude Longitude Finder Form
Find the latitude and longitude of an address, and input the data into a form to be submitted and saved.

Geocode Function
Get the latitude and longitude of an address by geocoding it using the Google Maps API.

Blueprint CSS Framework Class
This class helps you to create a page layout using the Blueprint CSS Framework without getting lost in a sea of div's.

YUI Grid Builder Class
This class helps you to create a page layout using Yahoo's YUI Grids CSS without getting divitis.

Image Class
This class can take any image, resize it, convert it to a different format (or not), then save and/or display it.

Mailer Class
The class enables you to send emails with attachments, embedded images, html, or just plain-text via SMTP or using PHP's native mail function.

Lister Class
This class allows you to easily create multi-level ordered, unordered, definition, and custom lists based on an intuitive array structure.

Atom Feed Class
This class makes it easy to create an Atom Feed.