This PHP function / jQuery plugin will create an obfuscated mailto link that will protect your email addresses from the spam bots that harvest the web. This is accomplished by:

  • Base64 encoding the entire href mailto link
  • Putting the encoded link into the anchor's title
  • Placing an innocent looking, do nothing "#" into the href
  • Giving the anchor a class of "nospam"
  • Calling the jQuery nospam function on all of the "nospam" anchor tags
  • When a user hovers over the "nospam" link, the title is Base64 decoded
  • The href "#" is then replaced with the unobfuscated mailto parameters
  • The user clicks on the link and is able to send their email
  • When the mouse leaves the anchor area, then the link turns back into it's obfuscated self

This function will create an obfuscated mailto link that is only decoded when an actual user hovers over the link with their mouse and clicks on it.

$text The anchor text.
$to The email address.
$subject The email's subject.
$body The email's body. This can include <br /> tags and newlines.
Returns Your obfuscated email link.
$html .= email_link('Spam me please', '', 'faster cheaper meds', "Hello friend,\n\nWe are please to offer...");