PHP Ease WordPress Child Theme Screenshot

This WordPress child theme is an example of how you should always customize the original WordPress Theme Framework. Download this theme along with the other, and always make any changes to the child theme. This way, whenever the original is improved upon or updated in any way, it will not affect the layout of your site one bit. This is mission critical, because I plan on updating the Framework to always be current and error-free with every new version that WordPress concocts, which is frequently. WordPress is always playing around with, and changing their code.

This child theme makes only a few minor tweaks to it's parent. (Considered major if you were using any other theme)

  • It places the Tagline inline with the Site Title
  • Moves the sidebar to the right of the page
  • Creates a custom comment form
  • Swaps the copyright and kudos locations

You can feel free to slash and burn everything here, except the style.css comments and import url at the top of the page. Other than that, the whole purpose of this theme is for experimentation and customization. Have fun!